Sports Betting Cricket


The first and most important rule when betting on any sport is to know how the game works. Be sure to understand every aspect of the game. In this case the sport is Cricket and not only does know what the Cricket World Cup is important, it is essential to your survival when betting on Cricket. If you are not sure whether you know what the Cricket World Cup is maybe you should ask yourself if you know what the ICC Trophy is. If at this point you are unsure or do not know then you still have some research to do.


Olympics Team GB’s Gold


It seems that William Hill will have a substantial amount to pay out to punters who took advantage of their early-on bet that Team Great Britain would come home with only 11 gold medals. As the country’s performance continues to astound, the firm has had to update the wager time and time again, resulting in a current standing of 17 (or more) medals with odds of 5/6. A spokesperson for William Hill, Graham Sharpe, was quoted as saying, “We underestimated the potential of Team GB and punters who steamed in to them to get 11 are on very good terms with themselves, so we have now upped the ante for punters- and for Team GB!” (more…)

How to Play Blackjack?


We will give you idea here for how to play blackjack. Blackjack means having the cards sum as 21 without going over that. If you receive a 10 and Ace in your first two cards then it is blackjack and you win if there is no tie. There are various terms related to this game like Stand which means that you don’t want more cards, Hit which means to dealt with more cards to raise your total value of the cards but remember not to go over the total of 21, Split is a term which is used to split a card of same face value, Double Down is used to double your original bet. (more…)

Sports Betting Motor Sport


If you have been out of the loop for the past several decades then you might have missed the fact that a wager can be placed on anything, and anything can be put up to the stake. One of the many ways you and the people you know, can make a wager is by making a stake on automobile racing. Automobiles do not just mean cars, it means any type of vehicle that has an engine propelling the machine forward. There are many races in a year and having money on the line surely makes these races very exciting. (more…)