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Great Britain at the Olympics


It seems that William Hill will have a substantial amount to pay out to punters who took advantage of their early-on bet that Team Great Britain would come home with only 11 gold medals. As the country’s performance continues to astound, the firm has had to update the wager time and time again, resulting in a current standing of 17 (or more) medals with odds of 5/6. A spokesperson for William Hill, Graham Sharpe, was quoted as saying, “We underestimated the potential of Team GB and punters who steamed in to them to get 11 are on very good terms with themselves, so we have now upped the ante for punters- and for Team GB!”

With the gold standard up to 17, Hills has also increased their mark for the total number of medals, too- from an initial quote of 34, now up to 45, with odds off 5/6. Team Great Britain is in the favourites position with odds of 8/11 to win more gold medals than Australia, though the reverse bet is at even money. Ladbrokes, meanwhile, has double-gold medal recipient Rebecca Adlington as the favourite to win this year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award with standing odds currently at 6/4. The swimmer, from Nottingham, has recently broken the world record in the world’s 800m freestyle. She is at the head of an impressive list, mostly consisted of this year’s Olympian’s. Others include Chris Hoy and Bradley Higgins, cyclists who are currently holding 6/1 and 8/1 odds respectively. Both Ben Ainslie and Rebecca Romero are at 16/1 odds. Robin Hutchinson, speaking on behalf of Ladbrokes, said that “… a Lewis Hamilton victory in the Formula One Drivers’ Championship is the only thing that can deny a British Olympian the honour.” The obvious choice of the Overseas Personality award is American swimmer and eight-time gold medal winner Michael Phelps with 4/6 odds; his performance at this years Olympics has destroyed more world records than imaginable. Usain Bolt, the 100m champion is currently at 7/2 odds for the award; Wimbledon star Rafael Nadal is at 4/1 odds. Phelps also has a special at Ladbrokes for the swimmer to earn an additional 5 or more golds in the 2012 Olympics, to be held in London.

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