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Betting on Motorsports – A Detailed Beginners Guide



If you have been out of the loop for the past several decades then you might have missed the fact that a wager can be placed on anything, and anything can be put up to the stake. One of the many ways you and the people you know, can make a wager is by making a stake on automobile racing. Automobiles do not just mean cars, it means any type of vehicle that has an engine propelling the machine forward. There are many races in a year and having money on the line surely makes these races very exciting.

About Motor Sports

There are a couple of ways to place a bet on a motor sports game. Unlike football, cricket, rugby, or other sports of that nature, motor sports is a sport in which you do not make a spread bet. Instead the most common bet in motor sports is called the place bet. A place bet is not concerned with winning the race or losing the race. A place bet is mostly concerned with what place a specific racer will place in the race. In essence, you would make a stake on what place you think a racer will come in. Generally, when making these kinds of bets the spots you will be wagering on would be first place, second place, and third place. On a rare occasion some Team GB’s Gold will offer a win bet. A win bet is a wager on which racer will win the race.

The third and final motor sports bet is the each way bet. This final bet provides the bettor with the unique option of combining the win bet with the place bet. Essentially, the each way bet is when you basically split your stake between a win bet and a place bet. If the driver or team you wagered on comes in first then you win both sides of your bet. If they place but do not come in first you lose half your bet but you still win the place bet, which would be half of your Motor Sport Betting.


It is incredibly rare to have a lay bet which is to place a wager on what is not going to happen. It is always good to understand the different types of bets available to you before making a stake. Each bet should come accompanied with some knowledge of the sport you are betting Cricket, otherwise you might as well give the bookies your money.